The world novelty light-curing Sealant xPress Caulk is the latest innovation from BLUFIXX. It combines the advantages of silicone end acrylic caulking in a unique and patented recipe by irradiating with the high-quality Special LED for immediate curing.

Product features

• Directly repaintable
• For all joints in the sanitary area
• Mold resistant
• Very good workability
• Permanently elastic after curing
• Nearly odorless

• Non-corrosive
• Free of silicone, solvents and halogen
• Suitable for sanitary applications
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
• Resistant to descaling agents
• Free ot biocide/fungicide


BLUFIXX xPress caulk has excellent adhesion on a variety of substrates, such as metals, enamel, concrete, glass, wood and Plastics (not on  ABS, PE, PMMA, PP, PTFE and Silicone).

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