BLUFIXX Kit for low voltage cables


BLUFIXX Kit repair gel for low voltage cables

Broken cable jacket? Simply repair your charging cable with the BLUFIXX SMART REPAIR repair pen! After all, replacing charging cables is relatively expensive. That’s why it’s worth investing some time in the repair.


  • Use the BLUFIXX repair gel to sheathe the open wires or broken parts of your charging cable. You can shape and correct it until the cable is completely covered.
  • After that, use the LED light to irradiate and cure the gel for 3 to 15 seconds. Your charging cable is immediately ready for use again.
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BLUFIXX repair gel for low voltage cables

How many times have you thrown away a charging cable just because the cable sheath is broken? In the future, repair your charging leads in a few minutes with the BLUFIXX repair pen for charging cables. The whole thing is almost invisible! The gel comes in the color white, as well as almost all broken charging cables. You can repair up to 100 charging cables with one cartridge!


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